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We have had a week of fire danger warnings, but thankfully no fires. On Tuesday the danger level was “catastrophic”. Even though I got the phone call, I did not leave as advised, since I did not know what the warning meant. Tomorrow is bad enough, the fire danger is rated as severe.

Dexter and Hannah went out, but not as usual. On Tuesday, the day of the catastrophic fire risk, I took the dogs out early and turned back. You can see the first photo with the pink sky. My concern was the wind. As far as I know there is no secure place where dogs can be taken. The advice to have a plan is good, but the implementation is more challenging.

During the week the Lorikeets were flocking to the front yard bird’s bowls. It turned out to have been prudent to have front gum tree taken down. Not all the fire wood was removed and there is a stack of mulch from the stump grinding that I had piled up.

 I should mention for the record that Dexter on Tuesday jumped the fence and got out. That will teach me for spending too much time down the road talking. He would not come when I called. It made no difference that I also let Hannah off. Luckily a neighbour helped look. He only came when I bent down – a tip I was given. Then he seemed very pleased to come to me. It was a case no so much of breaking the lead, or the chain, but jumping the fence.

For some reason this song came to mind, so that is a good enough reason to include it:

Last week Friday Ark was not sailing, so we will just have to see how that goes this time.

Picasa was used in organizing the photos.



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