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Of course, I do not know if heaven is in the habit of waiting, although one imagines it must be getting a bit crowded by now. Still it would probably better to create heaven on Earth. Who decreed that to be impossible?

The other option is to die happy. I recall that after waiting twenty years, according to the story, Argos finally hears his master’s voice and then dies content in that knowledge. Odysseus had gone walkabout to go to war and do a bit of sailing. Peace between people, nations and animals is also possible. It just requires a little application and some knowledge.

The Independent reported that studies suggest that spending time outside with nature can boost creativity and problem solving. I might be a poor subject, but I had not noticed this effect. The article noted:

Earlier studies have shown that going for a long walk can improve the accuracy of proof-reading, the ability to perceive an optical illusion and the capacity to repeat a list of numbers backwards.

Yet the time people spend outdoors and in contact with nature is diminishing. Children spend only 15-25 minutes daily in outdoor play and sport and the average teenager spends more than 7.5 hours a day using mobile phones or computers and watching TV, according to the US researchers.

Psychologists from the University of Utah who led the study said: “Our modern society is filled with sudden events (sirens, horns, ringing phones, alarms, television) that hijack attention. By contrast natural environments are associated with gentle soft fascination, allowing the executive attentional system to replenish.”

“Executive attention” is the ability to switch rapidly among tasks which is important in a modern society but is overtaxed by the constant demands from a technological environment.

The researchers were not sure as to whether the results produced could be attributed to nature or time spent without access to electronic gizmos that seem to have captured our collective attention.

Dexter and Hannah have never much been into electronics, since their attention can be entranced by every tree or blade of grass or so it seems. It is possible, despite appearances, they get more out of communing with nature than is ever possible for me.

So we took the usual photos and winnowed them down by an ad hoc process. I was trying for close ups.



Apparently Neil Diamond had some things to do, and while the process rolls on, much as the Earth continues around the Sun, before we discover whether the self dissolves with the body. He sings “Heaven Can Wait”:


We hope again this week to board Friday Ark.


Picasa was used to organize the photos.



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