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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Israel-Palestine.

Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbot,  asked a question of the Prime Minister this week concerning Israel.

Lani Vasek for the paper of record, The Australian, reported:

TONY Abbott has accused Julia Gillard of lacking the courage of her convictions on Israel after she was forced to overturn her decision to vote against granting Palestine observer status at the United Nations.

In his first question to the Prime Minister in parliament this week, the Opposition Leader said yesterday’s revolt in caucus over the Palestine vote at the UN showed the government was in “chaos”.

He seems to have had a point. He did not follow up, suggesting that differences from his position also existed in the Opposition. Peter Hatcher in The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Foreign Minister, Bob Carr had lead the “uprising” against the PM’s position that Australia should join the US, Canada and few others in opposing giving Palestine observer status at the UN.

The poll is unscientific, and that I am engaged perhaps in motivated reasoning, although not consciously a member of a “group”, but at least 57% of the respondents to the Herald poll supported giving the Palestinians observer status.

Norman Finkelstein, may misconstrue context, but he is particular and reliable about the facts of the case. He accurately forecast that Israel will be forced to cease it’s reign of murder that children and other non combatants – but since they are lesser people they don’t matter.

The Defence Minister has resigned and any attack on Iran has been postponed. There will be interest in the upcoming election in Israel, particularly if, as I imagine might be true, people sense a turning opinion against Israeli impunity and violence.

Australian politics seem to reflect the situation in the US. The Prime Minister’s views seem to be out of alignment with many in the traditional base. This is illustrated by her views on Israel, which are closer to those of Tony Abbott than to many who vote ALP. Like Barack Obama she is a member minority, at least in terms of political representation. The ALP is not the mass-based party it formerly was forty years ago, and is run by the cadres, people with a career rather than commitment to causes and values.

(The policy adopted and copied from Howard on the boat refugees is disgraceful and inhuman.  The unrecognized source of the problem goes back to the failure to support the Norwegian brokered peace agreement with on the ground with trained non-violent peace keepers. Be that as it may, we are not anticipating the impact of climate change in which a policy of violence will be as futile as it is unconscionable. Policy should be informed by compassion and strategic vision in the context of conditional disagreement.)


The concern of Britain is apparently that Palestine may use its new status to pursue war crime indictments against Israel. George Galloway comments:

William Hague – representing the British government – authors through the Balfour Declaration of the entire Palestinian tragedy- is to abstain on Palestinian membership of the UN. What a wretched pathetic shameless betrayal of the victims of perfidious Albion and the criminal enterprise known as the British Empire…



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