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“It will be over soon”,  and then what?

More of the same, although some are suggesting that Romney will make things far worst for average and less average people in a country in which 80% of the people own 7% of the financial wealth. There are various arguments about the lesser of two evils.

Robert Scheer at Truthdig:

A vote for Obama in a swing state is a no-brainer, because, on a host of issues, including immigration, women’s rights, gay rights, health care, campaign finance, income inequality, tax breaks for the rich and the legitimacy of trade unions, there is a vast partisan difference that should not be ignored. It matters greatly who appoints an anticipated two justices to the Supreme Court, which is already dominated by right-wing ideologues.

In a state where a protest vote will not elect Romney, a vote for the Green Party’s admirable Jill Stein, the consistent Libertarian Gary Johnson, or the populist Rocky Anderson sends an appropriate but measured signal of contempt for the sorry state of our two-party system.

That disgust is warranted by the fact that this president has followed the broad ideological outlines of his predecessor on national security. Witness the continuing assault on due process that is the island prison of Guantanamo and the killing of innocent civilians through drone attacks, as well as the unwarranted Nixonian persecution of alleged whistleblowers Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

But on all of that, Obama is the lesser evil compared to Romney, who has promised to increase military spending to fight a new Cold War that might, under his stewardship, turn hot against China, Russia, the forlorn Palestinians and anyone else with whom he can pick a fight. Romney is as dangerous as he is inexperienced in such matters. To compensate for his ignorance, he has turned to the same pack of neoconservative ideologues that lied us into Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

To which Mike Whitney at Counterpunch , and others similarly, trenchantly reply:

Liberalism in the U.S. has devolved into a cultish, pseudo-religion whose adherents believe that their fate and the future of the country rests on the ability of their rockstar candidate to hold on to the presidency for another four years. Obama backers no longer bother themselves with incidentals like habeas corpus, indefinite detention, military commissions, “kill lists” or Guantanamo. What matters to them is making sure that Darth Romney, the pestiferous private equity pirate from Bain, never sets foot in the Oval Office. Everything else is secondary.

Ask any of these Obamanites if they feel they’re compromising their values by voting for a man who breezily repealed large parts of the Bill of Rights and you’ll get the same answer, “Obama has been a disappointment, but he’s better than Mitt.”

No argument there. Romney’s flat earth economic policies alone would thrust the country back into recession or worse, let alone his pugnacious foreign policy which would inevitably lead to dust-ups with China, Russia, Venezuela and, the mother of all calamities, war with Iran. But aren’t we missing the point here, I mean, aren’t there times when the lesser of two evils is not an acceptable way of choosing a president?

And that is the point. What about fixing the system, so the ridiculous situation in which the outcome will be determined by voter manipulation and suppression. The inability to achieve the mechanics of basic fairness and a fundamental democratic right is pathetic for a nation that preaches democracy to the rest of the world. The polls in the swing states seem to suggest that Obama is ahead – as the discussion above the other states virtually do not matter.

Come Wednesday afternoon we might know the overall result from those States in which the electoral arguments, such as they are, will be settled by the election, but perhaps this time there will be others in which unaccounted votes have been discarded and the legal arguments will drag on. More a farce than a democratic election.

Four years have an acute reading of the practices of deception:

There is a good chance it won’t be over any time soon. The murder drones will continue to fly. By some accounts they will become a domestic feature: Scott Horton interviews constitutional lawyer and auther, John Whitehead.

The success or otherwise on the  various propositions on the ballot in California, including one to abolish the death penalty, another to label GM foods, could be important. Direct democracy comes to the rescue.



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