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From time to time on our excursions, Dexter and Hannah have discovered echidnas along the way.

They do not seem to have acquired the idea of peaceful coexistence, which in this case would be mutually advantageous. I had not expected to discover an echidna in the front yard, and so I did not appreciate what they were barking at. I then had to save it from the unwelcome attention.

So the neighbouring children came in mums to have a look. Photos were taken. The three year old wanted to see the head. Echidnas burrow into the ground to protect themselves. Another neighbour told me they are egg-laying mammals (monotremes).

I rang WIRES, the wild life to be told that echidnas have great sense of direction. In the morning it was gone.

I then to take them for granted, with almost complete lack of knowledge. One of the mums told me she had not seen an echidna before.

Otherwise, it was pretty much run of the range, although for the dogs every scent is important. Human beings might dream about different realities (via William Hutchinson and Metta Center):

Echidna in front yard.

Unlike Hannah, Dexter does not have a song, but there are Dexys Midnight Runners performed “Because of You”:


We will now saunter off at a slow jog to catch and link up with Friday Ark at Modulator.


Picasa was used to orgaize the photos.



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