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DRONE TERRORISM September 26, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Terrorism Issues.

Living with drones in the sky overhead, able to see and hear them, turns out to be as terrible as might be imagined.

As a consequence people in NW Pakistan are taking medication at record levels, and their relations not in the area are equally, if not more, traumatized. To we have to remind ourselves this is war without end, the war of terror.

Lack of empathy is due either to a lack of feeling, or a lack of insight. The information, including  a general account of the experience of this terrorism,  strategic analysis and a legal analysis of the Stanford/NYU study is provided at Living with Drones. There is also a video:

These attacks, and the consequences for the people who suffer them, are unlikely to be part of the Presidential Debates. Other subjects not up for discussion and review include climate change and social inequality.




1. amunaor - September 27, 2012

This is the most beastly cowardly form of “risk free” murder! If one takes a gun and murders somebody in the streets, they get the death sentence. But this, the murderer is allowed live and murder another day…….and nobody cares. Mainstream Media, as usual, have their heads up their asses, affraid to bite the hand that feeds them, in this, have too become complicit in the crime of this murder.

wmmbb - September 29, 2012

I sure that people do care, would care, but perhaps they do not know. If true that is a problem with the mass media, which I suggest we can substantively disengage from by searching out direct and alternative sources of information.

I suppose for many that would be difficult because consumption of what is on offer is an ingrained habit, but we can recognize the economic structures and imperatives of commercial media that explain much about their behavior and priorities. Furthermore, turning off the bombardment of that stuff in fact represents a qualitative improvement in emotional and mental well being.

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