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ISLAMIC PROTESTS September 19, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth.

I have not noticed any comment to the effect that the Sydney protests were part of a series of protests in Islamic communities around the world, including Sydney.

Haaretz, for example,noted that an Israeli flag was burnt in Kabul. Sarah Kendzior, writing at Aljareeza objects to the generalization, Muslim World, noted:

The Innocence of Muslims was made by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian-American who hates Muslims. It was found on YouTube and put on Egyptian television by Sheikh Khaled Abdullah, a man trying to convince the world that Americans hate Muslims. This was a perfect storm of gross and deceitful parties depicting each other in the most vile terms, and then living up to each others’ worst expectations.

This observation supports what I have suspected that the offensive material was spread by television, rather than the internet, where it was available to non-Arabic speakers. Furthermore, aside from any consideration of the licence of the First Amendment imply that it was originally sourced from television.

At Counterpunch,Jeff Sparrow considers some historical instances not involving Islamophobia.
at Common Dreams, Stephen Zunes notes there is a lot more to the protests than the triggering event, concluding:

In short, anti-democratic forces in both the United States and the Arab world want to discredit the pro-democracy struggles in the Middle East: on the one hand, Republicans and others who unconditionally support pro-Western dictatorships, U.S. interventionism, and the Israeli occupation; and, on the other extreme, radical Islamists who want to counter their increasing marginality. Fortunately, the reactions by these chauvinistic forces are more a relic of the past than they are a harbinger of the future.

He makes the interesting comment:

Ironically, the Prophet Muhammad faced worse defamation in his lifetime but refused to curse his enemies, following the words of the Qur’an to “Repel evil with something that is better, lovelier.”

This is supported by Nouman Ali Khan (via Informed Comment):

That seems to me to be a Gandhian, or nonviolent response. Then somebody else said, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they do”, which I take to mean don’t get caught up in vengeance and more violence. Such interpretations are of course beyond my competence, but I notice it did not play with the Christians responding to 9/11 or to every transgression before or since.

Or as the Quran records:

I confided: many people hurt me; You said: ‘So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them’ (Q.3:159)

Human beings, despite our supposed and real difference of cultural conditioning, have a lot in common.



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