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MYTH AND MEMORY: 11 SEPTEMBER 2001 September 12, 2012

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Among the many little known facts about the 11th of Sepetember is that it is the Coptic New Year.

For the sake of brevity, here is the summary (via Glenn Greenwald):

Post-9/11 the worst people in the world, the worst most incompetent people in the world, were hailed as the strong daddies who kept us safe. After they let 9/11 happen due to gross incompetence and stupidity, and after they set in motion a chain of events which killed hundreds of thousands of people.

These things just happen, and no one knows how or why. The one thing you must not even consider, because “ignorance is strength” that the attack on New York, the Pentagon and elsewhere was a conspiracy, or, it had anything to do with support for Israel in any way or was related to Saudi Arabia in any way:

At Huffington Post, Daphine Eviatar writes of the aftermath of 11/9/2001. So who benefits from all the military spending? It turns out George Orwell was on the case some time ago. “War is peace”, and it turns out it is related to two dollars a day:


Kurt Eichenwald, The Deafness before the Storm (New York Times)

Kurt Eichenwald interviewed on Democracy Now.

9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (PBS – Colorado Public Television 12).

Robert Parry, The Neo-Cons and 9/11 (Consortium News).


Theories of cause and effect, particularly involving the application of violent “solutions”, are often relevant to understanding the  play sheet in the game of international system of dominance and  control over resources. This can be seen in the behavior of Israel, but equally in the rather baffling case of the British threat to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, with a consequent response from Latin America. Whether this posture affected behavior in protests against various American diplomatic posts in the Middle East and North Africa it possibly cannot be categorically said, however their is a global communication flow unlike any other time in human history, which is both positive and negative. These communication flows are framed by cultural silos.  Ideology may be both a intended, and unintended, source of ignorance and violence.



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