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DEMOCRACY IN ACTION! September 11, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

American politicians cannot give up the rhetoric that their various actions are either to promote democracy, or to install it, yet the Democratic National Convention demonstrated they cannot practice it themselves.

A story too big to miss, but remarkably earnest commentators and the media, who have the real journalists, seem to have missed or simply ignored it. The irony is that in the conventional indoctrination, democracy is all about elections and voting. Never mind in that beacon for humanity, suppressing and restricting the voter entitlement, a primary democratic right, is a very effective tactic. Putting aside the question, of the plurality deficit, the failure to represent public opinion over a range of critical issues, implicit in the two-party monopoly. The key thing about American and Television Democracy is that it is controlled by money and public relations. Then there is the curious influence of Israel.

So what happened at the DNC – the Orwellian Moment:

Sheldon Richman at Counterpunch provides some historical context:

The mainstream media–MSNBC and Fox included–clearly did not want to talk about this. Whenever someone tried to discuss the trashing of the sacred democratic principle at the behest of the Lobby, someone else jumped in to change the subject. (See a roundup of comments at Mondonweiss.)

The 1947 UN partition of Palestine declared Jerusalem Corpus separatum, that is, a separated body–a shared, international city because of its importance to Muslims and Jews. It was divided during the 1948 war, during which the new state of Israel colluded with Transjordan (now Jordan) to deprive the Palestinians of their portion of partitioned Palestine.

In the 1967 war Israel conquered east Jerusalem along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip (also the Sinai and the Golan Heights). Israel proceeded to annex east Jerusalem, expel Palestinians residents, and build Jewish-only settlements.

Under international law the annexation of land obtained through conquest is illegal. Israel’s annexation of east Jerusalem is regarded as outlawry by most of the world and has been condemned as such by the United Nations. UN Security Council Resolution 478 (Aug. 20, 1980) called on ”Those States that have established diplomatic missions at Jerusalem to withdraw such missions from the Holy City.” [Full text]

I have a different view to Scott Horton who interviews his fellow Libertarian, Sheldon Richman. To me it is tragic. In my view democratic process can always be open to subversion at every level, from the local to global, in same way that, for example protecting the ecosystem is a common responsibility, so too it is the responsibility of every democratic citizen to protect the integrity of the democratic process, realizing in practice that while necessary institutional and legal protections are not sufficient. We witness almost daily examples in which the Bill of Rights, as a 18th Century formulation of democratic rights are ignored.



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