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INDIA , IRAN AND THE US August 27, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA, Middle East.

The meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran at the end of August for the moment impedes the execution of the intent by Israel and the United States to bomb Iran, supposedly for seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Although a founding member, China has withdrawn from Non-Aligned Movement, while India has retained its’ membership. For India, Iran is important as a source of 10% or 12% of its oil imports, which it pays in gold, and access around Pakistan to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Exception has been granted to Indian oil imports from Iran in the sanctions imposed by the US. As pointed out in Deutsche Wella, the NAM is more an economic alliance than it is a political one it is suggested that India will eventually have to make a choice between Iran and the US.

Associated Press (quoted by abc) reports:

As NATO troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, India fears the possibility of the country falling into the hands of a Taliban-led regime, thus endangering many of India’s interests there.

India has been one of the largest contributors of development aid to Afghanistan. Over the past decade, it has spent more than $2 billion to help build infrastructure, including roads, power projects and hospitals.

For India the shortest and most economical route for sending supplies to Afghanistan would be by road through Pakistan, but its decades-long rival has denied New Delhi road access to Kabul, making the route through Iran all the more significant.

Iran is also hoping to develop an industrial zone near Chahbahar port and wants to attract foreign investment to set up industries there, Mathai said.

Vijay Prashad talking with Paul Jay on the Real News Network also notes that Syria will be an important issue in the Non-Aligned talks. While Turkey attended the lead-up talks in Cairo, it will not be going to Tehrain because of this issue. Nonetheless 15O countries will be at the talks including Australia as an observer and the 116 members of the alliance, along with the Secretary General of the UN.



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