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The one desire that Dexter has, if given a chance, is to run free. On Thursday, I foolishly gave him his opportunity and he took it.

As we leave for our walk, Dexter sometimes does not want to be fitted with his harness. There are no problems with Hannah. So I walked out the back gate with Hannah leaving it open thinking that I could catch Dexter, but he was too quick for him. He was off. He kept running and in the wrong direction.

It is hard to tell which turning he has taken. I started doing circuits around the street, asking some people along the way if they had seen him. So I took the opportunity to go and knock on Anne’s door. She was happy to see Hannah again. After some time and some detouring, she drove up. She asked me what color, Dexter’s collar was, and I couldn’t remember.

I had left the gates open and the back door. So eventually we saw Dexter at the corner. He came up and greeted Hannah, but was not ready to give up his freedom. I lost sight on him, and then found him in the front yard.

Sigh of relief Dexter is home safely. For some reason Cockatoos gather at the corner. I took some photos. As I was doing this, my neighbour drove, to say he say me heading toward the creek, and had driven after me to tell that Dexter was in the front yard.

If Dexter or Hannah are in the bush, I am confident that I would find them, but if they go out on the road, and possibly get to the highway, then I am worried. Most of the time he would run away from anybody, but he is not as sociable as Hannah. The moral of the story is not to take chances.

Otherwise we enjoyed our low impact meander along the tracks:

Dexter, if you hear a voice calling out your name . . . “It is only freedom calling”. Colin Hays sings:


(In this last photo, I was trying to catch a black cockatoo with yellow feathers.)


The Song of Joy has a  mixed history, but in this incident the performance is charming, if not unexpected:


Hopefully we will manage to board Friday Ark again this week.


The photos were organized with Picasa – and there is more work in that than there appears to be.



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