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Posted by wmmbb in Global Warming Politics.

Annie leonard has moved on from analysis to action.

She is suggesting that shopping and then recycling will not do it not simply because we do not perceive the process, but most importantly we fail to see the political and economic process.Disposal razors just did not have happen because of rational economics. Ignorance and inaction represents political paralysis.

The first video refers to “The Story of Stuff”, which was four years ago – beware it is “a leftist indoctrination movie” (Part one via Next  to part four).  She has now moved onto “The Story of Change”:

The next step might be to go to Karma Tube:

It’s not easy to change a dysfunctional system that puts corporate profits above the health and happiness of people. It takes more than just “voting with our pocketbooks”; it takes political involvement. In her latest film, Annie Leonard gives us a simple formula for social transformation: CHANGE = a big idea + collective identity + action.

I was impressed by the simplicity and completeness of her description of what an economy is for. What she does not mention, whatever the shortcoming of the system description, is that as the crisis of the Earth’s biosphere increases something radical will have to be done. Such action will be much to the chagrin of the market fundamentalists and the establishment, and real repression and violence is likely, as has been already been evidence in relation to the Occupy Movement. So what is to be done then?  Of course, following the lead of the civil rights protesters facing the water cannons of Bull Connors, would be drop to your knees and pray on the hot asphalt during a hot Birmingham, Alabama summer, except that it would be a lot hotter now and the water could not be wasted.

Of course, Annie Leonard’s proposals are not without criticism.  Apparently we should embrace the path of true love, with the Biblical references along the way.  Douglas Gregory has a critique, which has to be read to be believed:

Leonard’s ignorance of what the world was like before the market economy—near-universal extreme poverty; high infant, child, and maternal mortality rates; short life expectancy; unsanitary filth dominating every human settlement; rampant disease, hunger, and starvation—is astounding.

“Instead of this dinosaur economy that focuses only on corporate profits,” she says, “we want a new economy that puts safe products, happy people, and a healthy planet first.”

Where do corporate profits come from if not from satisfying people’s demands for safe and useful products? What exactly does Leonard think has happened in the last century in America? We have not only innumerably more and better and safer products but also a healthier planet, with better nutrition, rising life expectancy, and less pollution. How many Americans today fear cholera, high infant mortality, or unsafe drinking water?

Are Americans also happier? It’s hard to tell—but only a materialist would think happiness comes from material things, whether televisions and health spas or a clean environment. At any rate, Leonard seems to think since the world isn’t perfect yet, people must not be trying.

To achieve the political change she wants, Leonard proposes three steps by “corporate citizens”: sharing this “new” idea, corporate unity despite “minority status,” and “action” to ensure its success. Whether that refers to a revolution of some sort, she doesn’t say. But she does say the movement needs certain types of people, including “resisters,” to ensure change. Interestingly, she speaks the word resisters before an animated picture of a protester with a “We are the 99%” sign in front of a bulldozer. Is she promoting violating property rights?

Leonard’s newest video claims to spark a new movement, to spread new ideas about a new economy and a new focus for our lives. What it really promotes is oppression by statist eco-masters, trapping people’s bodies in poverty and their minds under the tyranny of ignorance and group-think.

What lies at the root of Leonard’s confusions? She fails to understand the nature and calling of real human beings. Made in the image of God to be creative and productive as God is, men and women are called not to be the docile slaves, or the coddled wards, of totalitarian states but to exercise their God-given liberty to fill and rule the Earth (Genesis 1:27–28), enhancing its fruitfulness, beauty, and safety, to the glory of God and the benefit of their neighbors. That, not the deadening oppression of collectivism, is the path of love.

Yes the crisis of the biosphere is an attack on an lifestyle and the thinking and actions that gave rise to it, which are encompassed in processes and systems. This political ideologies and commercial corporations, which significantly have not aspiration to be democratic as much as they might claim to be socially responsible.




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