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OLYMPIC WHIMPER? July 15, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Terrorism Issues.

The Olympics may well have run its course with the London games. Now it seems the British Government is preparing to use “lethal force”.

Phillip Williams reports for the ABC:

The British Royal Air Force says it is prepared to use lethal force against any threat to the Olympic Games.

New airspace restrictions are coming into force in London, with a prohibited zone declared around a 50-kilometre radius of the capital as of this weekend.

Commercial aircraft will still be able to use defined corridors, but any planes flying close to the Olympic Park are at risk of being shot down.

Surface-to-air missiles are already in place, while Typhoon jets and Puma helicopters with snipers will be patrolling the restricted zone and intercepting any aircraft which should not be inside it.

Fighter jets have also been deployed in the capital for the first time since World War II.

“As a last resort, we will have lethal force as an option,” Olympics air security commander Stuart Atha said.

He said any such decision would be made at “the highest level of government” and would be the “worst-case scenario”.

The restricted area includes a small inner zone covering central London and the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, and a large zone covering part of south-east England.

Light aircraft, gliders and hot air balloons will be expected to adhere to the restrictions, which will remain in place until August 15, but commercial flights will not be affected.

Other measures to protect London from aerial threats include the deployment of missile defence systems at six sites in east London, while Royal Navy Sea King helicopters will also be based at RAF Northolt.

So who would benefit from disrupting an international sporting event, and why choose the Olympics (other than it is boring, and an expression of nationalism)? Whoever makes the choice about selecting the cities for the Olympic Games has made a profound error.

Privatizing the military for security seems to have come unstuck. RT reports:

So who they imagine might be interested in disrupting, or otherwise seeking to make some political point in this supremely boring and irrelevant event (which unfortunately begins in less than two weeks). I wonder whether the struggle to have Summer weather without rain and flooding will have any effect on the outside events. It seems that the rain is not the only potential problem. Infrastructure problems, the bane of urban existence, is another. The English will probably stick to playing cricket, whose inclusion they probably should have insisted on.

Even if this is considered bad sportsmanship, or whatever, there is a serious question whether any city would ever desire to host the Olympic Games. General disruption, disadvantage and inconvenience to sections of the population is one thing, then there is the cost of the facilities, such as the Bird’s Nest in Beijing that become white elephants.



Samuel J at Catallaxy takes a similar dyspeptic view of matters Olympic. He proposes returning to the original concept, although what the details of that proposal might be are not specified.

There could be better news the BBC reports for the Olympics on the weather front it seems that the Jet Stream may move in time. It would be indelicate to point out the connection with climate change and global warming, so no just mention is made.



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