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The Earth turns and the Sun seems to set quickly, and sometimes more quickly that anticipated.

“Have you taken the dogs out?” is a question I don’t expect to hear again. I knew the day would come. As Ernie had said, “I will not be here much longer”. That was understandable; he was 95 years old. I did not anticipate that he would seek his own exit. He had neighbours who looked out for him. Three year old Clarice would go to the fence and call out for him and the more elderly Mrs J would visit while taking her dog for a walk. The last I heard this morning, he was in hospital and alive.

Dexter and Hannah followed the usual path, but for them, every day, every scent is new, and like humans dogs also age and become resigned.



“It’s not dark, but it’s getting there”, sings Bob Dylan:


We will look to the horizon, and hope to see Friday Ark.


Picasa was used for organizing the photos.


Postscript: 07 July 2012

1. One of Ernie’s next door neighbours is going with me to see him in hospital this afternoon. I am astonished he still lives and is able to receive visitors. An earlier intervention would have prevented this outcome.

2. After all the concern, Ernie has survived. We visited him in hospital. A big relief for everybody. His comment: “That was a bad business”. I did not want to follow-up. Once he recognized us he was fine. He knew tomorrow is Sunday. No doubt chastened by the experience, he is back to his old self. He is nothing if not resilient.

What a positive change in Ernie’s frame of mind today and from when I last saw him on Thursday evening. Credit to those helped – the police, the ambulance, the hospital doctors and nurses and perhaps most important to him his family who came to visit him, not least those that flew from Brisbane. I should not forget the neighbour who keep on looking for him until he found him and the others that helped, even though his state caused them deep shock.



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