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THE QUITO OPTION June 20, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Human Rights, US Politics.

Julian Assange has walked into the London Embassy and the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister says they are giving consideration to political asylum.

This action will made him subject to arrest for bleach of bail. According to Crikey it was the percentage play but it seems to be a last throw of the dice. It seems that he had no alternatives.  An appeal to the the European High Court is possible, but that would not prevent his extradition to Sweden, from which an extradition to the United States with the prospect of torture, execution and life imprisonment would quickly follow, although as in the Manning Case prosecution would be drawn out.

One cannot tell with the Australian Government whether their actions, more specifically  the prime minister are due to cluelessness or malevolence, but whatever the prime minister is taking her political acumen to new heights in Mexico. Perhaps it is the deference that all functionaries develop towards those they perceive as powerful. Still the actions of the Australian Government will be relevant to the decision of the Ecuadorian Government. Earlier in the day, the ABC reports made it clear that the US was on the case and interceding directly with Ecuador.

As often is true, RT provides the keenest insights, by interviewing their website director:

At Crickey, Guy Rundle reviews the allegations against Assange in Sweden, the secret Grand Jury that probably has set up a post-torture trial in the US, and suggests if asylum is granted a “full-blown diplomatic crisis will occur”. How threats and violence can the US make good on Ecuador?


According to Bernard Keane at Crikey, Julian Assange is the loser in all of these developments. He concludes:

Assange’s strategy in relation to extradition to Sweden — and now his attempted flight to Ecuador — has been dictated by the very real concern that the US wants to get him, and that his own government won’t lift a finger to prevent it. Assange has thus entangled himself in litigation in an attempt to avoid placing himself in a position where Sweden could surrender him to the United States. The work of WikiLeaks has thus been superseded by the soap opera-like story of Assange, of which Ecuador is only the latest exotic backdrop.

That’s just how the Obama administration wants it. And, quite likely, the Gillard government too.



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