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WHAT [CLIMATE] DEBATE? June 11, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Duckspeak, Humankind/Planet Earth, Natural Environment, US Politics.

I am not following Australian politics because it has been reduced to a Punch and Judy show. It is remarkable how policy issues and concerns get buried.

It seems that while most climate scientists, with few exceptions, are taking climate change seriously, the issue has dropped from top of the mind consciousness among the public.

Paul Jay tackles the issue of climate change awareness on the Real News Network:

A suggested explanation is that people think in the short-term, and cannot think in long term. I disagree, it is relatively easy to think in terms of three lifetimes, or thereby five to six generations. We live in a society in which people will be held to account in terms of negligence for failure to take appropriate action that imagines the likely consequence of our actions.

The political agenda has been set by politicians and the media. Whatever else is true of Richard Nixon it seems he had skill in setting the talking points in his quest for electoral success.

Thom Hartmann is in conversation with Lamar Waldron regarding Watergate and Richard Nixon: The Real History-

Part One:

Part Two:



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