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Posted by wmmbb in Human Rights, US Politics.

Judge Katherine Forrest placed an injunction on the application of  a specific section of the National Defense Authorization Act that provided indefinite detention.

The Obama Administration declared that this ruling only applied to the plaintiffs. The Judge has now made it clear that her ruling applied to all citizens. This episode has significant not only for the intended application of the NDAA, the response of the Administration and the Department of Justice, and by extension that the legal justifications for example of drone killings, which are without independent legal oversight, accountability or transparency.

Truthdig noted the ruling, but as far as I can see it has not been dealt with in either The New York Times or Washington Post. As for the video they are from RT. Fortunately there is a translation in English of the introduction:

A Federal judge in the US has ruled Washington cannot indefinitely detain Americans suspected of having terrorist ties unless they have been found in connection with the September Eleventh attacks. It comes just six months after President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which would have allowed American citizens to be held without trial or charge. The judge initially ruled the act was unconstitutional last month, but the Obama administration asked her to reconsider the ruling.

Carl Meyers represented the plaintiffs in the action:

Journalism Tangerene Bolen was a plaintiff was interviewed on RT:



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