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Posted by wmmbb in Israel-Palestine, Peace, Terrorism Issues.

Not only does Israel live in “a very tough neighbourhood”, but then there is the media environment.

They seem to have the wire services and the Washington political-media establishment under control leaving the free ranging Internet.  Now it seems that Wikipedia is a suspect source of information, and it has probably been shaped by self-interested sources, including the Israelis sponsored by their government.

Here is a brief insight:

Still we can always rely on some sections of the Israeli press and some bloggers to give us the facts of Palestinian oppression and dispossession.

Where are you from? Russia! “This video taken outside Jericho as Israeli Soldiers Banned Palestinians to drive their cars in the west banks with National flags attached atop of the cars. (12 January 2012)”:

Sometimes questions require honest answers. Such as we are stealing your land and resources, leaving you to drink saline water, as is reported to be the case in Gaza.  And so it goes. People lose their moral compass when they become addicted to violence and when others are cast as sub-human. That is no way to live. We might be  sad, along with many Israelis, especially those who cannot easily leave.




1. Madhvi - June 21, 2012

You are Idiots and Nazis and none of what you write has any bearing on the truth. Very simply, the Arabs hate Jews, the Grand Mufti spent the wars in Berlin with Hitler (before there was an Israel in case you don’t know your history) and obtained a promise from that he would kill all the Jews in the Middle East after he had murdered all the Jewish babies in Europe. You can see this for yourself–German reports (Germans were great record keepers) and photos of the Grand Mufti with Hitler etc. It’s all there.This is the only reason there is a conflict in that area between Israel and her Arab enemies. They hate Jews-just as Hitler did and Farrakhan and David Duke do…and you do apparently.
It’s called anti-Semitism, jew hatred–it’s hatred-and ignorance. And you are absolutely no different from Goebbels or David Duke or any of these monstrous people whom I’m sure you despise. You are once again on the wrong side of history. Israel’s only crime is that it hasn’t committed suicide. It defends itself as humanely as it can against barbarian death cults and terrorists and armies from Arab nations and from idiots and modern-day Nazis like yourself (or selves–I hope there’s only one of you…one too many for this earth)
(You probably are a reincarnated Nazi)

wmmbb - June 21, 2012

Thanks for commenting Madhvi. You might take the opportunity to reflect on what you have written.

Justice requires dispassion, evidence and reason. In our systems we usually have a competition for the truth from both sides. As you say, let’s discover the truth. I suggest you separate the wrong from the wrong-doer. We might then be able to understand how people and ourselves are given to anger, and then perhaps to attitudes related to hatred. One approach is to look at what is going on in our brains. We might check whether we are deploying our forward-thinking frontal lobes, which paradoxically allow ourselves to be engaged with compassion.

If we allow ourselves the liberty to think in some ways, and we express them, then we are likely to act in those ways. You might consider Richard Nixon’s final words departing from the White House:

Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

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