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Dexter and Hannah kept on going out this week.  The happy medium is not in evidence. The stops sometimes last and then more interesting scents are discovered, especially after other dogs have just passed

Then Dexter does his steam train act which is well and good when going uphill. On other occasions it pays to anticipate a clear path, otherwise I could go sprawling – admittedly an occasion for humour for a chance onlooker. Hannah has her moments, but I let her off the lead. She came back puffing once, but now she wants to stay around.

From fragilities to sensitivities: the music does not come easy. Admittedly selecting appropriate music is difficult for me. I thought I would stick to a moonlight theme, since this was the week of the perigee moon. I am responding to the criticism that atheists cannot appreciate the divine within and that might cause them some anxiety, even fear.Then I thought I might add a religious element given the sense of connection with the Cosmos and the moment. Maybe the dogs fully appreciate the later, as I seek to apprehend the former.

That full moon was the day before. Beethoven anticipated this event by some years:***************************************

Friday Ark this week may sail over the horizon.

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