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Much to my surprise the earth does not stand still and the seasons move on and as they do the sun more quickly passes over the escarpment.  So I have been missing the sunshine.

Dexter and Hannah who wait patiently still when out. And they still stop ever so often even if the sun is not shinning.  The thing to do is to value everything, even the prosaic and routine, and everything can change with imagination.  That could be optical illusion. I had to look again to check whether the mist was smoke.
The green grass owes much to La Nina, but as the time turns we might expect El Nino to visit, and then perhaps illusions may sadly turn to reality, or at least to risk.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”:


Again this week we imagine that Friday Ark will be sailing and we hope to board.

Picasa was important in getting the photos together.


Given the time of day, there is another opinion that the photo shows smoke from a burn off. I could be wrong.



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