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Posted by wmmbb in South Asia.

By all accounts India has successfully launched along range nuclear missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. So India joins the select groups of countries, that includes Israel, with that capacity, while similarly not a member of IAEA, or the nuclear non-proliferation agreements.

Unlike Iran no proscriptions are applied to India’s increasing nuclear war making capacities. The Chinese were notably restrained in their comments suggesting simultaneously that they have cooperative arrangements and that one test is not sufficient to provide a guaranteed capability.

Putting aside the question of what this military hardware is costing, many Indians perhaps will be proud at the scientific achievement and at the evidence of efficiency that they may not associate with public activities. The Times of India reported:

The missile was launched at 8:07 hours on Thursday from a mobile launcher at the Wheeler Island off Orissa coast. It reached the apex at 600 kms and then re-entered the atmosphere to strike a target over 5000 km away from the launch site.

The launch was monitored by three ships deployed in the Indian Ocean and radars were also there tracking the complete trajectory of the missile.

The personnel on the ships spotted a fireball as the missile re-entered the atmosphere on its way to hit the target.

“The sleek missile, within a few seconds of its blast-off from the Island launch pad, roared majestically into the sky leaving behind its trajectory a trail of thin orange and white smoke before disappearing,” a defence official at the launch site said

V K Saraswat[director general, Defence Research and Development Organisation] said the missile had been achieved despite the stringent export control regimes, which developed countries have imposed on India.

“This shows that self-reliance in the area of this technology is now becoming a reality,” he said.

Saraswat said the DRDO would conduct two more validation tests before starting the production of this missile.

The DRDO chief said that barring some electronic components, the Agni V was a completely indigenous product.

“More than 80 per cent of the missile is indigenous, except for the electronic components which we import. Everything has been designed, developed and produced in our industry and our laboratories,” he said.

Al Jazeera provided the video:

Let’s not forget that many Indian children along with adults, as elsewhere, go to bed each night suffering the horrible pangs of hunger. Malnutrition blights their human development. The facts of Indian poverty are set out a “short movie”.

On the other hand India has some achievements, including providing medical doctors to countries such as the United States and Australia (and let’s not mention poverty):



1. Dean White - April 20, 2012

I suppose the end of the World can still only kill us once.

wmmbb - April 20, 2012

It is unprecedented that we both conscious of our individual death and the end of life on earth. The decision by the Indian Government to invest so heavily in this project makes sense in terms of national and international politics. despite the considerable technological achievement, most Indians will remain poor.

What I suggest is that we recognize is that arguments about rationality are in essence arguments about paradigms. In other words it is a matter of thinking outside the system, something, admittedly not too many of us are able to do very well. Scientific paradigms can change quickly. Social change and historical change has tended to evolve slowly, although they have been associate with communication technologies, such as printing, which entailed growing literacy and access to schooling, which depended on subsequent developments. Social change tends to increase in speed of adoption as the resistance, both real and imagined fall away. Perhaps there might be grounds for hope.

One imagines the Indians don’t ever intend to use their rocket for the purpose for which it was designed.

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