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It is passing strange to observe that in a self defined democracy that the voice of the people is not allowed in the Congress or the Parliament.

To describe these processes as dysfunctional democracy is but a gentle nod toward the truth.

Most of the people of the United States, who are not deluded or self-interested would benefit from universal health coverage. Thousands of people die each year from the lack of health coverage, and others are economically destroyed, or have to live with outcomes that appropriate health intervention could have prevented, or ameliorated. So look at what happens to those who go to Washington, Senate Finance Committee, 5 May 2009, to prevent the obvious case:

The similarly obvious proposition that ending wars, substantially reducing military spending, along with taxing corporations and the wealthy would free up money for social needs and provide investment in common social goods gets the same treatment.

Elections can be bought, as is the case almost without exception in the United States. Consequently those elected represented the sponsors rather than the public. The government that results is a functional representation of the oligarchy and a dysfunctional democracy.

The purpose of propaganda and indoctrination is to reinforce the status quo. Engineer, Steve Chrismer of Occupy Washington observes:

“The content of the Social Forum provides much of the intellectual frame-work that we need to build upon in order to counter and influence the existing, seemingly impenetrable machine that is aligned against us. Already we are seeing cracks in the foundation of that machine and ways to get inside.

“Did you know that it is possible to insert yourself between rocks that are vibrating at just the right frequency? When looking for the optimum vibration frequency at work (for tools inserted into rocks) by shaking a barrel of rocks at various frequencies, I passed by it several times using swept frequency mode and never noticed that it existed. Then I went back and increased the frequency by single digits from 0 Hz. When resonance occurred (over a very narrow band centered at 35 Hz) the situation changed dramatically and as the rocks became “fluid” I was able to insert my hand and then my whole arm into the rocks which just moved away. If you went slow enough the rocks flowed around you, not noticing your presence, and did not resist: go too recklessly fast and the rocks would resist.

“This is where Occupy is as a movement: only six months old and we are already noticing the weakness of solid walls that we have been banging our heads against. We must increase our numbers, and more will join, but only as we continue to build and define the movement. Pointing to the extent of the corruption is not enough and may only cause people to despair. To weaken the pillars for power transfer requires that we study these cracks so that we can provide the needed energy to open them nonviolently and allow us all to pass through.”

President Eisenhower, “We have been compelled to create a military industrial complex of vast proportions”. President Obama as puppet:



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