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The proposition that consciousness is a state of being seems to work, even if rudimentary.

To be more construct consciousness is I imagine is an expression of evolution. Comparisons are made between human and non-human brains. I tend to think that consciousness might be epiphenomenon but the stuff of consciousness is thought, and so language is an invention of consciousness. By observation, it seems to me clear that dogs, as human babies, must comprehend the visual cliff, so it seems to me that perception and consciousness overlap. So just to illustrate, even though we are conscious, it is not so obvious to know exactly what that is. So my working proposition does not have the appropriate philosophical and scientific testing, but nonetheless it might have utility.

We seem to have adopted materialism as a form of consciousness, without the dialectic. In defence of our established life style, which we imagine will continue unchanged, without regard to the reality of global population pressures, ecological sustainability and the impact of climate change. Some of us are more wedded to the status quo than others, and the question is why. Perhaps materialism is a form of false consciousness, a form of magical thinking, that is dehumanizing?

Rather than frame materialism in terms of consciousness conformity to the advertising industry, Tim Kasser looks at the price tag:

Peter Russell notes that “there is no scientific evidence whatsoever for consciousness” and a range of other matters, in the metaphysical sense:

(His jokes are better, but the universe would not work without gravity, but who knows what that is, and everybody knows what it is.)



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