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The wet and cool summer seems to have given way to a warm and humid autumn. Still La Nina seems to have stayed  longer that I can recall ever before.

A friend noted the dogs seem to be panting in the photos I sent. I never took water with us this past summer. Now it seems that the creek has returned to normal flows. I never saw any snakes this summer.

Dexter and Hannah seem to enjoy their somewhat forced leisurely walks. They come home and engage in extreme play. Dexter likes to keep an eye on the goings on in the street, including barking at the odd cyclist, which brought to my memory the song “Long Gone”, which became dance music for Hannah and me, with Dexter circling. I have the scratches. Along that theme, I do not think Dexter would be as inclined to leave as he seemed to be when Hannah first arrived.

I discovered that Neil Diamond sung the song and it is a good enough as any other theme for the week:

I included the frog to join the passengers at Friday Ark. Some of the tadpoles in the backyard are developing into frogs, and finding refuse in a bucket I have hung up, and then with mixed feelings I release them in the creek at the end of the street. The photo has been cropped and inverted.
Picasa was used to organize the photos, which I have left in chronological order.



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