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Posted by wmmbb in Growth, Humankind/Planet Earth, Social Environment.

The simplest questions are often those that do not have a simple answer. Presuming such an answer exists is often where we go wrong. The answers are driven by the power structures.

Why has the inanity of standarized testing being used to bludgeon people into conformity? The science of testing is applied to teaching. Imagine, for example, and by extension this is what should happen, this was applied to parenting, leaving out the empathy, inter-relationships from the beginning and before a person is born?

Picking the few winners will create losers, and may as well create a sense of entitlement. There has to be an explanation for the both the emergence of the 1% society and the disregard, or other instances the regard, that the select have for the wider population. As in other matters, education, the drawing out of the potential of each person, takes place in the frameworks of Gandhian notion that means are ends in the making.

Admittedly this video is a little long, but it is a starting point to consider how the means of education have become the ends, without really suggesting what a concrete alternative to existing structures and institutions would look like, and how that might be possible.

Can human lives have meaning? The most obvious observation is existing system is self destructive, and if education is designed to satisfy the ends of that system, then education is part of the wider problem. If the system was realigned, then education might become a real possibility, and that of its own might make the fundamental change in the cultural story worthwhile.


I am not sure whether these videos belong at this point, but let’s engage in some divergent thinking.
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:



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