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Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

Dennis Kucinich is one, among the many, members of the US House of Reps who is known, in part because he twice ran to be president. Now he is a casualty of Super Tuesday.

He lost a Primary against a fellow sitting Democrat. Both seats had been redistricted, a process that happens every ten years to reflect the overall increase in the US population. The process is described:

Robert Scheer, at Truthdig, comments:

Dennis early on made a choice to rise politically by faithfully representing his people rather than betraying them, as is the norm in politics. In our Playboy interview he made a joke concerning the criticism of all the idealistic young people who had joined him in administering Cleveland: “The real reason the young people I’ve appointed have been criticized is that they haven’t learned to steal yet. If they learned to take bribes they’d be praised as innovative and bright.”
So, too, Kucinich, who has been unfailingly resilient in advocating for the vulnerable, whether they were the working poor in his district or the folks our government bombed throughout the world. He was defeated this week by a fellow House member who prides herself on bringing home government bucks, particularly in defense expenditures. Her pitch to the voters was that her role on the House Appropriations Committee would help keep the pork barrel open, big-city Dem style.

Kucinich never competed in that way. He has been a national symbol of resistance to excessive government power and waste. He also has been a champion of social justice. His has been a rare voice, and one way or another it must continue to be heard. Simply put, when it came to the struggle for peace over war, Dennis was the conscience of the Congress. And he was always at the forefront in defending the rights of unionized workers who once formed the backbone of a solid middle class and who are now threatened with extinction.

In Australia, you are nominated and perhaps lose a safe seat, due to the machinations of the faceless party operators acting behind the curtain, or perhaps over a meal in a restaurant, although the Electoral Commission divides the State populations into electorates. In the US, with politics of another variety, the State Legislatures redraw the electoral map to match their prevailing bias. The process and result is summed up by:

Nobody said that the mechanics of representative democracy were plain sailing, but every such democracy requires a reform agenda, and as far as I can tell together with voter machine pre-programming and voter suppression tactics, redistricting is not part of any policy proposals.



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