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Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth.

According to some critics, the earth has exceeded the carrying capacity. The population exceed resources.

Paul Gilder in his address to TED says, “the earth is full” (via War in Context):

The problem is that if we cannot objectively and rationally assess associated with overpopulation, or climate change, then there is no capacity to act coherently and effectively.

Finding another Earth is perhaps not impossible, but getting to it might require travelling at the speed of light for a lifetime, and then it would not be guaranteed. So for the moment, it seems to be true:



1. Dean White - March 6, 2012

Well when oil starts running out the population will be in for a major shake up. The population has been able to get so big because of our over use (abuse) of natural resources which are coming to their useful end.

btw… if anyone knows of aliens that have room for a few extra passengers off this rock please refer them to me

wmmbb - March 6, 2012

You are very trusting of aliens Dean. You may be right empathy may be the law of the conscious universe.

Leaving aside the transitional issues, it seems to me sensible to develop a just economy based on sustainable energy.

2. Shafali - March 8, 2012

Hi Mr. Wmmbb,
I guess that humans are a lot more selfish than they profess to be. As most of us know (or think) that we won’t be around when the Earth finally quakes under the pressure of overpopulation, so we really don’t care.
About that sustainable energy bit, it’d really be great if we could do something about it – to rid the world of this dependence upon the oil producing nations, if nothing else.
Best Wishes,

wmmbb - March 8, 2012

Thanks for the comment, Shafali. As a person who lives in India, you would have a greater sense of the press of human beings, and perhaps overpopulation that what I do. I think we tend to be trapped in cultural systems, or in other words deeply ingrained stories about who we are. I would not suggest that I am not as selfish as others, but selfish may be a form of blindness for any of us.

People point out that the externalities of the economic system will be borne by the young and future generations. I suppose as the product of evolution on Earth, we can frame our actions ahead of time, we are inherently moral beings, which might give any of us pause to reflect on how those actions might be more informed.(I assume that the position of most climate scientists reflects the real situation.Dissidents such as Professor Lindzen, causes them to ague their case while disabusing at least me that the study of climate is straightforward. The argument from authority can be put aside.)

I am pleased from time to time people comment because I tend to write what otherwise I might not have thought of. The more I have in retrospect considered it, the comment about energy, which applies equally to food and water security.

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