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QURANS BURNT AT BAGRAM February 26, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA, Terrorism Issues.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” The Afghan Army fires its guns to disperse people protesting the burning of the Quran.

QuranThe unanswered questions are: How did the Quran come to be burnt at Bagram? How was this made generally known? The inference is that the population do not perceive the burning of the religious texts as unintentional. Mistrust has to have an experiential environment to take hold. Perhaps the murder of children and others by drones and the reports of the night raids, and other experience of arrogance and cultural insensitivity have created the narrative for many in the Afghan population. Such as the feedback loops and tipping points of Occupation.

Al Jazeera reports on recent events:

Protests continued for a fifth day.


Ghanizada for Khaama Press provides an explanation of what occurred.

Moazzam Begg at Caged Prisioners suggests the mistreatment of the Quran is not an isolated incident.

Glenn Greenwald explains in 2009 the resentment felt in Afghanistan and other countries subject to American oppression, cruelty, arrogance and indifference.

USA Today’s report includes the testimony of Mohammad Shaker:

Eighteen-year-old Mohammad Shaker said he first heard about the Quran burning on Tuesday, and he and other members of his mosque decided to take to the streets Wednesday after morning prayers.
“This is not the first time they’re doing these things. They are killing civilians and taking photos of them. Every day they kill civilians with airstrikes. We can’t accept their crimes in our country,” Shaker said.

Eltaf Najafizada in The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the continued unrest and protest.



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