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We had mixed weather this week. The last two days have been sunny and warm, so summer has not missed us completely.

Earlier in the week, rather than cross the creek, I took the more cardiovascular demanding path and walked up to the dam.

The walk is probably plenty enough exercise for me, but Hannah in particular could do with more. Perhaps more vigorous exercise would do Dexter some good as well. I have not been inclined to exercise the dogs in the backyard when we get home.

I got to sit on Dexter’s rock today. It was warm but not hot. It is one thing to say “the Earth keeps on spinning”, but then I wondered whether the Sun moves as well and there is a story. Processes within processes. I suppose somewhere beyond the sky there might be other consciousness. Anyway the line comes from:

There perhaps is an evolutionary progression from matter, energy, life to consciousness. Friday Ark may well be carrying canine and other expressions of living beings against this week.
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