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Photographs are evidence, subject to interference,  of the objective empirical world. I notice that in some photos there is no indication it is raining.

I thought I understood the hydrological cycle, but I did not appreciate that water is the defining characteristic of Earth, and in turn it is a function of the distance from the sun.

A graphical representation of the global hydro...

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Let’s not complain about rain, although the quantity of rain may portend human interference in the climate system. Water makes life possible – humans, dogs, leeches, and all the other evolved forms – and it is often critical to other physical processes.

Consciousness seems to have emerged from life, which in turn is an organization of matter and energy. Dexter and Hannah are conscious, sentient beings who develop within social relationships.

This piece of music (selected by Ursula) was played at the farewell for our friend Robert, who died recently of cancer:

Again this week, we hope to board Friday Ark and join the other varieties of living forms on board.
Posting of the photographs was made possible by Picasa.



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