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This summer the rain has not gone away. Now I talk to people about the odd day that was sunny. Almost everyday we have had rain.

Dexter and Hannah have stayed home more than they would have liked. Last Sunday was sunny day for a change and that  raised the spirits. Otherwise since then the days have been mostly overcast. More water in the creek makes it hazardous to cross.

One solution was to step across and on return let the dogs loss and step across at another spot. Dexter, unlike Hannah, responds to the call of freedom. He will not come back when I call. So I affect feign indifference, and eventually when he is ready he will join us, without me seeing him. The problem with that is it is consumes time and I don’t know what he is up to.

The other option is to avoid the creek and walk up to the dam, something that I have not done for a long time.

Today there was still distant thunder coming our way, so I went to the creek and returned.

The photos record the events, although despite their number, it is perhaps no obvious to follow the events.

La Nina, the little girl, just keeps on crying. The rain does not seem to stop. So “I wonder who’ll stop the rain”. John Fogarty sung the song:

Friday Ark may sail by again this week, and we will hope to board.
Picaso made it possible to organize the photos.



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