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Keeping the track of the weather is not easy. That said I cannot remember not taking the dogs out for three consecutive days.

Over a week the weather varies, and it is summer, so we would expect some sun and hot weather, but not this season. Instead of the past week we have had steady rain. At least we got out today, despite the light rain.

Dexter and Hannah deserve full credit. They kept me behind when I asked them, because the tracks are very slippery in the rain especially going downhill. I had to watch my step. I think the dogs quite enjoyed the creek.

Sting sung “Every Breath You Take :

Friday Ark should be sailing again this week, and so we will seek to go aboard.
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1. Michael - February 8, 2012

What a great spot to walk the dogs. Do you ever let them go for a run of leash?

wmmbb - February 9, 2012

I often allow Hannah to run free. She generally will stay around. Dexter is different, he will take off, and only come back when he is ready, which tends to be time consuming.

I have to be aware of the possibility of other people, dogs and native animals.

When we come home, Hannah generally run riot around the back yard. I have some kong toys that I throw. Dexter does better than Hannah at that game.

I endeavour to provide a chemical protection against ticks. The dogs can get leeches, but I think I get more than they do.

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