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ANOTHER TURN FOR RUDD? January 30, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

There is speculation Kevin Rudd will have the numbers in the Labor caucas following the Queensland election, which is expected to be a wipeout.

In a Federal Election it is said that winning seats in Queensland will be critical to Labor’s chances of holding government.

Cosimer Marriner in The Sydney Morning Herald writes:

KEVIN RUDD will use the election campaign in Queensland as the springboard for a renewed push to wrest the prime ministership back from Julia Gillard, Labor Party insiders predict.

The Foreign Minister, who represents the Brisbane seat of Griffith, has promised ”I will help any campaign that they want me to” during the state election, which pits the Labor Premier, Anna Bligh, against the former Brisbane lord mayor Campbell Newman, now Liberal National Party leader.
Labor insiders say Mr Rudd’s involvement in the campaign for the March 24 election is designed to boost his profile, highlight the disparity in popularity between the former and present prime ministers, remind his caucus colleagues how crucial Queensland is in the next federal election – and inevitably stoke leadership tensions.

Antony Green provides a comprehensive account of the state of play in Queensland, concluding:

If the long campaign sees the LNP lead over Labor slip, then the campaigning by Katter’s party may be telling. The more cross bench members elected, the harder it will be for the LNP to win a majority in its own right. The nightmare scenario for the LNP would be for the party to fall short of a majority and for Newman to be defeated in Ashgrove. But given the state of the polls, much would have to go wrong for the LNP for this doomsday scenario to matter.

As an aside, I am slightly surprised that there has not been consideration to move from optional preferential voting given the unicameral parliament and the adoption of system similar to Multiple Member Proportional system used in New Zealand.

Still a change of government in Queensland will have Federal implications with an almost complete transformation of the political complexion of the States. It is certain that ALP members of the House of Reps will be concerned, and a change of leadership, it that is the decision will have to take effect reasonably soon after the Queensland State Election.

If Kevin Rudd was again put in the PM’s office, how would he steer and manage the ship of state differently this time around?

Was this Kevin Rudd’s finest hour?

One suspects that Julia Gillard could not have made this speech and that Tony Abbott certainly would not have given it.


Kim at Larvatus Prodeo begins a series of posts on the Queensland election.



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