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Another very wet week. Although the rain was heavy at times it did not create the flooding here, it did elsewhere.

Both Dexter and Hannah can be very strong. I had the unfortunate experience of losing control of Dexter who ran up to a jogger. In these circumstances I usually take a detour, but on this occasion there was nowhere to go.I thought I could hold him by standing on the lead. No sooner than she had declared she was scared than she ran back past me and was gone.

That might be described as an outlier, an extreme event. Of course, once I saw this video the analogy stuck with me (via Real Climate):

We had nothing to do with it, but decided to keep the name that Hannah was given. It has a Hebrew derivation like others.  Chris Floyd wrote and sings his song “Rebecca” in honour of the astronomer and poet, Rebecca Elson who died of cancer at 39.

Again this week we will seeking to board Friday Ark.
Picasa was used to organize the photos for this collection.
Our friend Robert died this week, after seven months of treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma, probably induced by asbestos. I hope the photos of Dexter and Hannah I sent might have brought a smile with all the pain he was experiencing despite the intensive palliative care.


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