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WHO IS OUR ENEMY? January 15, 2012

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Modern History, US Politics.
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We must have an enemy. More exactly, “these guys” must have an enemy. The US must have an enemy. We must follow the US in having their enemy – except when it comes to Central America.

Why must we have enemies, remembering they are just human beings whose governments we do not like? There have been many times when we have no liked what our own government has done and is doing.

People will lie if they are allowed to get away with it. So what is wrong that this is happening repeatedly.

Iran Is Not Our Enemy from Irani Friend on Vimeo.

(via Peter Vickers)

These lies need to be explored in greater depth, including Pearl Harbour and more questionably 9/11.


Earlier this month, Juan Cole was interviewed on the History Channel. He is apparently relaxed about the possibility of war, suggesting it is not likely – I hope he is right.



1. "Irani Friend" - February 12, 2012

Thanks for re-posting “IRAN IS NOT OUR ENEMY” – It’s a timely message that ordinary men and women in “the West” need to *feel* deeply…

I hope your health is improving and send you and yours Much Love.

All Good Wishes to you and yours,

– “Irani Friend”

wmmbb - February 13, 2012

I was happy to re-post your video. War and violence are foolish and criminal ways to attempt to solve between nations or between people.

Thank you for your thoughts. I seem to be going OK. Best wishes.

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