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Summer has arrived and now set in, although just this evening I think was cool, if not cold.

I was pleased to see that the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed my suggestion that the wet weather we have had could be attributed to the current La Nina current effect in the Pacific Ocean. However, I was surprised to learn that 2011 was only the third wettest year on record.

I suppose the same photos are going to had as long as I continue to go the same way. I am not sure that this worries the dogs much as they always find things of great interest along the way. Hannah I can let off the lead and she never goes far. When she strays she comes back as soon as I call her. I am not prepared to take the same risk with Dexter. I foolishly let me out the front gate, when I should have known it was open, and he heard the call of freedom. Luckily he did not go far – but perhaps that is why he is smiling:

Forget the candle in the window, we will be home soon. “Long as I can see the light” sang by John Fogerty and Credence Clearwater Revival:

As we do, we will seek to flag down Friday Ark if it sails by again this week.
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