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IRAQ WAR AND MONEY December 25, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Iraq Policy, Terrorism Issues.

The Iraq slaughter was a great success, even if military analysts describe it as a failure. Certain interests, otherwise known as corporations have the money to prove it. Where there is blood and human suffering there is money.

Lawrence Wilkerson is interviewed by the Real News (via War in Context):

Another take on the success of the Iraq War is given by Tom Engelhardt who discusses with Scott Horton “the cakewalk” of invasion and occupation.

Perhaps the proposition regarding the profitability of war, and by implication the manufactured fear that generates the conflict in Afghanistan is not as straightforward as suggested. Before the border with Afghanistan was closed, the international shipping companies were doing well, as were the trucking companies that transhipped goods from Karachi. Regarding the later, there is a twist to the story. The truck owners and drivers are largely Pashtuns, who have to justify to themselves there assistance to the American war against their ethnic compatriots. Bloomberg (via War in Context) has a comprehensive account of the situation, including the significant items, including military supplies that surprisingly have gone missing, and may have found their way “into the wrong hands”.



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