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This was supposed to Friday night, but time slipped away. Let’s forget about tomorrow. Or maybe not.

Around here we have cause to celebrate, if everything works out the important person around here will not be in intensive care, which will be the first time for two years. But how quickly have I fell back in taking too much for granted?

And tomorrow is Christmas, and the summer solstice was some days ago. Dexter and Hannah have other concerns. Hannah is bounding with energy, and many times Dexter is overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. But every so often his grim fa├žade is broken.

So the weather is not getting them down, and as you might notice the clouds promised rain yesterday and they delivered.

“Who say where the road goes?” as a metaphysical speculation may be true enough. Enya sings Only Time. For me this song simultaneously credits those two women at the fruit shop who held the trolley for me, allowing me to unload the contents onto the counter, telling me they were demonstrating girl power. The sub titles credit our multi-cultural locality:

Friday Ark may be sailing this week, and should it sail around here we again to be pleased to board.
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1. Judith Ellis - December 24, 2011

Nice. I’ve missed your posts. I hope all is well for you and your wife. Happy Holidays!

wmmbb - December 24, 2011

Thank you. Merry Christmas, Judith. Things are fine with us. I hope all is well with you and all your family.

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