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A MOTHER AND A DOCTOR December 22, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

She does not have a chance to be President of the US, because in part the mass media will not report her candidacy or the issues that she is raising, arguably to the detriment of the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, who have the misfortune to live there, and so too the rest of us on this planet.

Jill Stein announces her candidacy for the US presidency:



1. Deb - December 22, 2011

Yes, by all means elect her and America can be just like the rest of the world’s countries…regulated and taxed to death. America stands for a freedom that the rest of the world can only imagine. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself “why do so many want to live there?” Not because they want to change it, because they want to enjoy the rewards that of which years and years of hard working Americans slaved and gave their lives for. If it weren’t for America and it’s freedoms and industries we wouldn’t have the technology to develope the data for ppl like this to manipulate. HMMMMM????

wmmbb - December 22, 2011

Deb, I suppose all those arguments might be put, but not everybody, and especially not all Americans, would concur.

We can accurately observe that all slaves are hard working. And that includes the prisoners of he World War II concentration camps – Victor Frankl’s book is very distressing. So let’s be careful about what we describe as freedom. Currently, the entrenched rights provided by the US Constitution are being eroded. The patient is in a critical condition, but not in intensive care. I regard that as a tragedy.

You mention that many people want to live there, as they do in Europe and elsewhere when their living conditions do not provide for decent human life. The larger question is to understand structural inequality in the world. So how did that happen?

History and economic systems, again, would make us conscious that there were a set of Americans who worked hard and gave their lives getting the bare minimum, enough to keep them alive, in return. Today, there is testimony to be heard “I work hard, but I do not have two dimes to rub together”.

The remarkable thing about the development of computer technology was that it was developed by the government for war and defence against the myriad enemies created, real and imagined. The military-industrial complex was not a figment of President Eisenhower’s imagination.

Consumption, as has been well understood, in a modern economy, is a function of psychological management of the population. Those methods have been extended to politics. You make up your own mind as to whether this represents in any real sense freedom, or hard work.

To some measure we have to consider what works, and perhaps embrace the claimed American ideology of pragmatism. So who should enjoy the rewards?

At minimum there should be the opportunity to engage in the democratic discussions and debate about what is best and what needs to be done. There is no question, at least to my mind, that Dr Stien’s proposals would both broaden and deepen that process of inquiry and decision, at the same time as it is almost impossible to conceive that she will be equal access and be fairly heard in the public forum.

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