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WAR AGAINST IRAN? December 10, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA.

According to Lawrence Wilkerson, the same script is in play for an aggressive war against Iran as that followed against Iraq in 2003. He says it is also the same players.

Retired Colonel Wilkerson, who was the Chief of Staff for Colin Powell, was closely involved in the planning for the invasion of Iraq. He has spoken out on previous occasions. He described the information that Powell presented to the UN on 5 February 2003 as “hoax” for which he blamed the CIA.

In a recent interview on RT (Russia Times) he connects the dots saying the time horizon, subject to contingencies, which means in particular the Israeli Government, can be expected to be within three years. His interviewer is Alyona Minkovski, a Moskova born, Californian raised and educated American.

“We’ve lost it”, Wilkerson declares in relation to the Obama statement that he is fact is a tough guy and how the world views the killing machines sans “due process” – whatever that might be. “How would we react if someone flew drones over our cities” he is asked, and then he takes over the questioning saying in part that Israel is walking down that route as well (via AntiWar.com):

Although it does not count, except for us, “inane and idiotic” is apt description fro members of the Australian Parliament and Government in relation to such matters.There is just a chance that the reaction to the economic crisis will arrive ahead of the bombs. For example, Bulldog Cameron has just locked himself out of the EU discussions on behalf of “the city”. We might keep in mind who the real rulers are.



1. wmmbb - December 11, 2011

I made a mistake with the surname in an earlier version. Apparently both Wilkinson and Wilkerson are of Norse or Norman origins. I will try to be more careful.

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[…] problem in such a project is that there is a tendency to telegraph your punches. For example, Lawrence Wilkerson has previously warned that the same script was been followed as lead up to the invasion of […]

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