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Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

What is a suitable background for a US presidential candidate to enable that person to go on to be a success in the office?

John Kennedy’s grandfather, John F Fitzgerald had been mayor of Boston, and he seems to me to have been preparing to be president from the time he inherited the family mantle to enter public office. The current crop of Republican candidates seem to have the ambition without the ability, personality, or preparation.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has some ideas about preparation for the job of president. In a speech at MIT he observed that as major hecontrolled the seventh largest army in the world and they had the capacity to shot down aeroplanes. He argued that local government is where the action is, and where politicians acquire executive experience. Politicer NY reports:

You see, according to Mayor Bloomberg, he and his mayoral colleagues are focused on results. It’s the rest of the politicians who are screwing things up.

“At the state or federal level, that’s where the real problems are. You see it particularly in American government at the moment where they are just unable to do anything, and yet, the mayors of this country still have to deal with the real world,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Mayor Bloomberg closed by expressing the desire for someone with real, executive experience to arrive on the scene and change things in Washington.

“Unfortunately, people at the federal level or the state level typically spend their whole lives in politics, and they’ve never been an executive and it shows,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

I suspect he is right about that. As able as President Obama is, regardless of my criticism of him, I think he would have been a far more effective president had he had executive experience. Such experience is a greater requirement in the presidential system than in a parliamentary system.

The objection might be in selecting successful city mayors as presidential candidates is that they would not have a grasp of foreign affairs. As Michael Bloomberg also made clear that would not apply to the mayor of New York.

Bloomberg had a fan in relation to his position in relation to the mosque at Ground Zero:

The same politician sent his para-military police to clean out Liberty Park. So what gives? Stanley Rogousky has some ideas.

So regardless of preparation, or any other factors, the times must suit the candidate.


The tabloid press, with Murdoch in the lead set the frame for the heavy-handed police action in NY. In Washington, the Occupy DC media unit are on the case responding to an article in the city’s journal of record.

Occupy Boston issued a statement in relation to their First Amendment permit and among other issues the police seizure of their winter tents.



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