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What happened then? The facts are that twenty-four Pakistani soldiers are now dead after an helicopter attack by Nato on two border positions.

Pakistan is in no doubt as to the sequence of events and has taken diplomatic and other action against the occupiers of Afghanistan. Imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed, and it was Americans who were attacked on the US border.

In that case the New York Times would not be making equivocal statements, including the suggestions that the American military authorities were incompetent. Salman Masood writes:

In the briefing on Tuesday, Pakistani military officials also expressed a lack of confidence in the investigations promised by American officials. “Past investigations of similar attacks have not been to our satisfaction and no one was punished,” the military official was quoted as saying.

The generals said that troops had been deployed on the Western borders to “fight the militants and not with ISAF/NATO forces.”

When asked what would be the response of the Pakistani military in case of another strike, one of the generals replied, “The rules of engagement have to be formulated by the government,” in a reference to the civilian government.

Both generals were pressed about the possible American motives for the attack but they remained evasive, according to those who attended the briefing.

Some participants, who declined to be identified by name, expressed dissatisfaction with the military briefing.

“They could not even be sure whether our border was violated or not — they had no clue,” said one participant. Another participant agreed that “they were vague whether the U.S. helicopters had violated our airspace or not.”

During the briefing, the Pakistani generals said that a letter has to be sent by the Pakistani Foreign Office to have the Shamsi air base vacated.

When asked what would happen if the United States did not vacate the air base within 15 days, one of the two generals vaguely replied, “Then we are looking at various other options.”

The inference is that the Americans can continue to act with impunity? Pratap Chatterjee writes the assumption by the American Press is we cannot trust the Pakistanis because they are in cahoots with the Taliban. Then he points out several cases in which “tragic mistakes” occurred. He concludes:

So before we jump to conclusions that the Mohmand strike was a result of the Pakistani military’s relationship [with] the Taliban, we need to ask ourselves a much more basic question: should we be allowing NATO, let alone the CIA, free rein to attack people and kill them – especially when their attacks are based on what is clearly very poor intelligence in the field?

The following is claimed to be exclusive footage:



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