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THOUGHTS ON OWS November 27, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth, Social Environment.

Tomorrow is the deadline issued by the Mayor to close down Occupy LA.

The failure of the Media to raise questions and investigate issues surrounding the apparent Police violence, plain to see on livestream for example in relation to the “cleansing of Occupy Wall Street” is either extraordinary, or confirms the worst attributions in its role in politics and public affairs. There will be a delay before the court actions begin concerning the debasement of the First Amendment rights and the violent methods used by the police. I would take issue with the practice of arresting people and then letting them go after detaining them without charge.

Still, it is surprising that these are not mainstream concerns that cross political party divides. On reflection the fact that is not the case can be too easily explained in co-option of the institutions of democratic society in the interests of the few at the expense of the many, and thus the creation of fake democracy in which power does in few hands and pockets rather than with the mass of the people. If that is an accurate description how did that happen?

The media acts as if nothing has happened. They want to normalize the atmosphere and the discourse, and perhaps they can do that for their viewers, listeners and readers. News can now be shared and spread in ways that were not previously available. The implication that events that happen outside of the United States have an effect now, that they have not previously, or that the methods for insulating the country, especially in a diverse and international entrepot such as New York, are not as effective as they used to be. Other parts of the globe, for example Latin America and the Caribbean are now more interconnected. Just from personal experience, meeting a person from Liberia at the dry cleaners who was illiterate but had suffered from her experience had an impact on me.

For such a diverse movement without leaders, OWS seems to be remarkably strategically savvy. They seem to understand what they are up against. And it has extraordinary elements. I suppose the commitment to nonviolence is not surprising given the influence of the Civil Rights Movement. The following discussion, via Metta, is surprising in it content and range:

If winter was going to drive OWS from the Park, why was it deemed necessary to use massive para-military methods to sanitise the privately owned public public space?

It occurs to me a different world is possible, but only if we begin to think in different ways,and unless that happens we will simply re-create another version of the the political-economic reality we have now. So the media are right, this revolution will be played out on there turf. It is a competition for minds. And they can probably rest comfortably that they occupy the majority.

UPDATE: 28 November 2011

The 12am deadline set by the Mayor for the Occupy LA to move out has now passed, so presumably the police will now move in to clear the demonstrators. Best not go to sleep, otherwise you may be woken up this morning. So where is the First Amendment?

3am (LA time): There is a stand off at the moment and it is on Global Revolution Livestream.



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