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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, CENTRAL ASIA, Human Rights.

More children are reported as murdered in Afghanistan from “Nato” bombing.The terror waged against the enemy, including the incidental murder of children, is failing to win hearts and minds.

There are reports that officials were surprised about this outcome. (I made that up.) The BBC reports:

Seven civilians, including six children, have been killed in a Nato air strike in southern Afghanistan, local officials say.

District Governor Niaz Mohammad Sarhadi told the BBC the civilians died late on Wednesday in the Zheray district of Kandahar province.

He said the strike had been launched in a remote area after Taliban insurgents were seen planting roadside bombs.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the bombing.

A Nato spokesman in Kabul said he was aware of reports of civilian casualties in Kandahar, adding that a joint assessment team was on its way to the site.

Victory in Afghanistan is just around the corner, as it has been for the last ten years.There are real gains, yet they are fragile and reversible. The “government in a box” had to be returned to the store, but unfortunately there was a no refund policy in place.The elections that saw the continuation of the reign of President Karzai that there problems, but the decision was made to overlook any discrepancies. As a staunch member of the coalition of the invaders, Australia will see the mission through to 2013, and then those forces will be withdrawn to defend the continent against a foreign invasion force beginning with 2,500 marines combined with the black arts of imperial intervention.


Glenn Greenwald as they say in the newspapers and on the ABC is “scathing” concerning the continued murder of children for the noble cause and by the noble nation.



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