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I don’t know what was wrong, but I had a sore foot and could not walk this week.This problem started on Wednesday, the day I saw my Renal Specialist. I didn’t say anything.

That was one somewhat disconcerting matter, otherwise there was rain. So the dogs were somewhat deprived but nonetheless I went out today – making things worse – to take some photos of Dexter and Hannah.

I thought the diggers song might be apposite for some Dexter and Hannah activities. The historical background to the song is of interest to me:

The Diggers (also known as “Levellers and Diggers”) is a 17th century ballad, in terms of content a protest song concerned with land rights, inspired by the Diggers movement, composed by Gerrard Winstanley. The lyrics were published in 1894 by the Camden Society. It is sung to a version of the family of tunes later used for Jack Hall, Captain Kidd and Admiral John Benbow, which according to Palmer was first printed in 1714.

(There is a long introduction. You might prefer to fast forward to the 3 minute point in the song.)

And the events of long ago has resonance in this Commonwealth of Australia. The application of “diggers” for Australian soldiers seems to have come from gold diggers and trench diggers in the First World War. This song has it origins in the First World War, reflecting something of attitude and accent:


Friday Ark may sail by and we either board or send our best wishes.
The photos were placed with Picasa.



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