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Posted by wmmbb in Blogging in general.

The question of income inequality and its societal implications has gained prominence with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.

Counterpoint is an ABC radio with a distinct and acknowledged bias. Peter Saunders was on the program critiquing the social science of the book, Spirit Level written by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

The problem for me as a listener was that I had never read the book and had no reference to what Peter Saunders was speaking about. Still it seemed like an interesting proposition that income inequality was detrimental to social being with the obvious approach to compare different societies.

So when I saw this TED presentation at Truthdig, I was reminded of the radio program and I thought I would bring them together to show, if nothing else, what the internet can do.

Richard Wilkinson presents his TED talk:

(Obviously to look more closely at a particular slide, pause the video).

The ABC has the Counterpoint interview with critic Peter Saunders, both as audio and transcript. There is enough evidence in the TED presentation to provide the information that Peter Saunders is discussing.



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