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SRI LANKA CALL SCAM October 22, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth, Personal Experience.

I suppose that might have been Colombo calling, but I did not ask.  I had become too angry and was running off at the mouth.

The caller had introduced himself as Edward Smith. He said he represented the Customer Care Department of Windows Operating Systems at 21 George Street, 2nd Floor, Palmers Building, Sydney. This is the scam:

If I had a working television I might have seen this program:

I did learn that I had an unknown firewall on my computer system. When the phone is picked up the modem stops operation, which meant that neither he or I could get access to my computer.

When he called back, I had checked on Google, You Tube and spoken to another who is far more wise about such matters than me. I felt very foolish. In Australia these scams can be reported to SCAMWatch. I would recommend that everybody do that and it can be done anonymously if desired.

When I had discharged my moral lecture in exclamatory terms, my caller was cool enough to attempt to swear back at me, but English is not his native language, he was not on firm ground and I was amused. I said I had reported his call to the police, to which he said there is nothing you can do to me. It was then, he told me he was calling from Sri Lanka. I told him that I would not go into his house and attempt to defraud him. Furthermore if he was in difficulties let us know and we would attempt to help him. I said don’t call anybody else.



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