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Hannah is fitting in, or at least Dexter is getting use to her. The play can be vigorous. They seem to have established boundaries.

 Hannah is now clued into to going out for a walk. Some hold that dogs should always behind, and that would be right if they were walking along the street. I give them some leeway. If I let Dexter off, I would spend hours looking for him. Sometimes we are all going our own way, which takes time and patience to sort out. I have put a harness on Hannah and she does not now get as tangled up in the lead.

Fleetwood Mac preformed, “Go your own way”:


Friday Ark may be sailing, so we will set off to see whether we can board again this week.


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1. eileeninmd - October 8, 2011

Great shots, your dogs are cute. They look like a handful. Have a great weekend!

wmmbb - October 8, 2011

They can be both. I try to remember that. Just on that point, the reason that the water in the pool is so black is that Hannah was really enjoying herself stirring things up, after she had eaten through the garden hose in several places.

Thanks for the comment, Eileen. I hope all is well in Maryland. Trusting this is not a vain aspiration, since they like the dogs are not very cooperative subjects, I will try to include some photos of birds from around here.

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