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The American Autumn continues and grows. A new occupation is about to begins on 6 October in Washington DC marking the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

The organizational model or format is I suspect slightly different from Occupy Wall Street. The focus is on the war in Afghanistan. There are a set of people who can be identified as leaders. They have an agenda and demands. The video makes the general case:

Economist Joseph Stiglitz turned up at Liberty Square in New York along with journalist Jeff Madrick:

Inside Story at Al Jazeera sought out different point of view on the Occupy Wall Street protest. The interview was framed as:

It has been more than two weeks since demonstrations erupted against banks and corporations across the US, and protesters in New York’s financial district are vowing to continue their action after hundreds of them were arrested.

The group called Occupy Wall Street says it is planning a major rally on Wednesday as it continues its protests against corporate greed, wealth inequality, high unemployment and home foreclosures.

What are the root causes behind the protests? What do demonstrators hope to accomplish? And will the US administration manage to defuse the rage?

And here is the discussion, via You Tube:

Charlie Wolf is interesting. He represent the ideology that believes that representative democracy is the formal institutional process, otherwise the market is the institution for providing material life, and that citizenship is subordinate. The protesters he claims are unemployed so they should be out looking for work, without considering whether there is employment to look for.

He like other commentators fails to appreciate the nonviolent dimension of the protest, in New York, Washington and elsewhere. Thus far no bankers have walked down Wall Street to join the conversation. Anger to follow the prescription of Martin Luther King should be “harnessed and released under discipline for maximum results”. Stephanie Van Hook, at Waging Non Violent, writes:

Occupy Wall Street has signaled the changing weather of a looming “American Autumn” and consequently galvanized the progressive movement. The 99 percent, as they call themselves for the interests they want to represent, have shown tremendous courage in the face of police brutality. They have also demonstrated remarkable perseverance, despite the general lack of accurate mainstream attention on their efforts to reclaim a democracy that takes the human being into account over corporate interests. But perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this movement is that its members are choosing nonviolence to achieve their objectives. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that the movement would be more inspiring, more effective, and ultimately truly nonviolent, by including the one percent.

We will have to see how all this goes. My proposition is that if you change the process you change the system, or at least potentially set off systemic change. Peace is economically rational for the people as a whole. The problem is that autumn, or fall, gives way to winter, which is not the best weather for camping out.


At Smiley and West, Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) previews the occupation of Washington DC.

David Swanson gets ahead of the media game by identifying seven simple demands of the Washington DC Occupation.

October 2011 blog has live stream from Freedom Plaza in Washington DC.



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