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A CRISIS OF GOVERNANCE? September 26, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth, Peace, Philosophy.

Following last Friday when Australian stocks lost 70 billion dollars  in market value and the value of the dollar dropped below that of the US dollar, Ian Verrender wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald:

As panic gripped Wall Street on Thursday night and global markets tanked – for everything from stocks and metals to wheat – we passed yet another milestone in China’s relentless march towards global economic dominance. It was China that helped save the capitalist system three years ago. Now it is poised to take control, proving once and for all that money is a far more lethal weapon than guns when it comes to invasions.

If any further proof were needed, America’s woes can be sheeted home to its folly in Iraq at a time when it already had a massive military operation under way in Afghanistan and it was slashing taxes. The budget surplus that George W. Bush inherited when he took office blew out to a $US1.29 trillion deficit last year and a debt that recently passed $US14.6 trillion.

In the past three years, the US has slashed interest rates to zero and pumped vast amounts of cash into the economy through two rounds of money printing in a desperate attempt to fuel inflation and reduce the value of its debt.
It hasn’t worked. Unemployment remains stubbornly high, hitting 20 per cent in some areas, the housing market is still under water and Washington is at war with itself on what to do next. But it is quickly running out of time and ammunition.

The logic of globalization, or perhaps more accurately of global interdependence and interconnection poses the problem of government. As with the climate crisis the problem is government, or rather its’ lack. When justice can be established, there is more likely to be peace, and when there is peace there is more likely to be economic well being.


I am in cognitive dissonance mode. I do not want to look at what the slide of the stock market has done to my superannuation.



1. abandonculture - September 26, 2011

Governments can not survive without crisis!

When there is no crisis they must create one (or the perception of one at least). But luckily governments are so destructive and barbaric there is nearly always a crisis at hand anyway for them to use.

Governments are to social/ economic organization as candles are to home lighting.

And the so called ‘elite’ know that their compartmentalized, hierarchical, gun-in-the-face rule is completely outdated. The technological/ information revolutions mean we simply don’t need centralized, hierarchical power any more (if we ever did) ….. it is embarrassing to be ‘ruled’ in the 21st century!

Don’t you think?

They know that they are a hideous legacy of a barbaric age that we (should have) left behind long ago. That we are leaving behind in every other way, as technology decentralizes everything and gives us all choices and freedoms galore.

9/11, the WoT, the economic destruction and lowering of our living standards, the fear, the misery, the killing …… these are not just signs of a broken and outdated system on it last legs….. these crisis are also being cleverly used against us by the ‘ruling powers’ in a desperate attempt to continue to justify their existence and power.

Once upon a time governments promised to make our lives better, richer, more prosperous……(yeah right) …… and now that we don’t believe them on that front, they have resorted instead to filling us with fears and then promising to protect us from all sorts of bogey men and disasters – and even from ourselves!

It’s called ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’ and it is an age old technique used to make us feel like their destruction of civilization and of the planet is somehow OUR fault and that we still need them, to help sort out all these problems and protect us all from crashing terrorists or a crashing economy or crashing climate disaster (etc) when if fact it is they who are actually holding humanity back! (and then some).

It’s all a circus…… a puppet show!

It’s pathetic and obscene …… but what does that make us for believing in it? Touché 😉

wmmbb - September 26, 2011

I tend to understand government as the ordering of relationships, as for example in the law of the road, the law of the sea, or contract law, much of which is implicit but nevertheless requires formulation. I see government as inherent in the human condition. This is not the way that dictionaries describe government.

Corporations are a form of autocratic government.By the way, I wonder what happened to the farmer cooperatives that ran the local store and processed cheese, selling the by-product back to the farmers. There are other forms of economic organization. Corporations are machines for maximizing profit by trading commodities. There applies to be an indifference to human consequences.

While peace is the optimal condition for human beings and for environmental sustainability, war and violence, without the pretense of the aspiration of democracy, appears to be the condition of the nation state system in the world. Democracy is the social technology that makes government, albeit necessary, bearable.

Thanks for the you tube of Howard and Harper caught in their moment of shame.

abandonculture - September 26, 2011

You’re welcome. In the high def version you can actually see the strings making their arms move and their heads bob up and down.

It only really hit me what government was when I watched this (hilariously well reasoned) 5 part video series Statism is Dead (I recommend all 5 parts if you have the time)

Government is (by definition) a group within society which has a monopoly over the right to use violence to get what it wants from the rest of society.

For example I could write a letter to all my neighbours telling them that I think we are being threatened by people half way around the world (even though I have no actual evidence but I will get it soon) and that they need to write me a check so I can go over there and sort them out big time….. but of course I can not (legally) use force/ violence (guns, threat of imprisonment, nasty letters, bailiffs) to make them pay me any money if they don’t want to.

Only a ‘government’ can (legally) use force to make people pay them money!

Government can also use its monopoly of the right to initiate the use of force to favour certain corporations (are big funders of government) over other corporations, or over the rest of the population.

It’s basically legalized mafia is what it is, sir!

2. Totaram - September 28, 2011

I just watched the video and was gobsmacked. Is this real? I cannot believe this. Surely this has all been doctored? How can these guys be reading from the same script? Are you suggesting the collusion went this far? Naah! There is some leftist conspiracy here. It must all be fake. Sigh.

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